Banana Split Celebration

Great American Banana Split Celebration

August 23rd - 25th, 2019
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The Great American Banana Split Celebration is a fun family and community activity. As such we want all of our guests, staff, vendors, exhibitors and community to have fun in safe and respectful manner.
1. We will treat our guests, vendors, exhibitors, entertainers, staff, community businesses and community members with decency and respect. This means:
1. No fighting or threatening others
2. No PDA
3. No vulgar or abusive language--verbal or body language
4. No rude or mocking gestures
5. No horseplay or creating disturbances or interfering with work of others
2. We expect honesty, integrity, moral and respectful behavior at all times.
3. We will seek to protect the property of the vendors, exhibitors, entertainers, the chamber, the committee, the community and its businesses.
4. Illegal acts will not be tolerated and will be reported to the authorities via the Committee Leadership. This includes:
1. Theft
2. Serving Alcohol to minors
3. Defacing property
4. Illegal substances
5. Sexual harassment
5. Entertainers and VIP guests will have their privacy and personal space respected at all times.
6. No signs, leaflets or handouts or other types of solicitation by anyone other than our paid vendors, exhibitors and entertainers.

The above code of conduct is not meant to be prohibitive, heavy handed or restrictive. They are primarily concerned with treating one another with respect and honor, in order that we can all have a safe and fun time